Individual Private General Practice

We provide complete physical and mental health services through our team of GPs, all of whom have extensive experience and knowledge of acute medical issues as well as chronic disease management.

Our general medical services include health surveillance, immunisations and vaccinations, family planning and an on site pharmacy dispensing frequently prescribed medications so there is no need for you to go to a pharmacy if you are feeling unwell.

We understand the value of your time, and continuously strive to see you promptly; you will almost always be able to see the doctor of your choice for continuity, and at a time and date of your choice. If you are acutely unwell we will always make space to see you on the same day.

We encourage our patients to come in for routine medicals and preventative medicine/screening and we find consistently that this not only helps to detect any early signs of disease but also improves treatment results.

Because of our convenient Central London location, many of our patients do not have the inconvenience of taking time off work to visit the Doctor.

We provide the majority of our services on site as a further convenience to you. We take blood ourselves, record ECGs, as well as audiometry and vision screening and lung function tests (spirometry).

The Practice complies with all national regulatory standards and we are registered with the Care Quality Commission. We follow all BMA guidelines with regard to security of access to medical records, with back up procedures for all patient files.

We maintain close links to the best local specialists and have intimate knowledge of areas of subspecialties, so you can be confident that any referral we make will be with a leader in their field.

We also provide 24-hour telephone availability for advice to patients who are registered with the Practice.