Travel Health

Our practice has an in-house travel vaccination service which is fully stocked, competitively priced and up to date. We are a registered Yellow Fever Centre. We house anti-malarial drugs.

We provide a travel health service to all our private patients as well as corporate clients. We are used to assessing individuals prior to short and long-term work assignments all over the world. You do not need to be registered with the practice to receive travel vaccinations, and we will always take a comprehensive travel health history and ask you to bring any previous vaccination records you may hold.

Specific recommendations for countries and diseases as detailed by Public Health England can be found at TravelHealthPro is the website comprising the travel health resources of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC).

Here is a list of common vaccinations provided:

• Childhood immunisations including chickenpox, MMR and Gardasil

• Hepatitis A – after full course (2 doses within 6 – 12 months) it can last around 25 years in adults and 10 years in children

• Hepatitis B – after full course of three vaccines over 6 months it should probably elicit life-long immunity, although it’s best to check with a simple blood test

• Meningitis ACWY – every 5 years

• Pneumonia – normally lifelong

• Rabies – after a full course of three vaccines over 1 month, a booster is required every 3 years

• Seasonal influenza immunisation – annual

• Shingles vaccine – we offer Shingrix which after 2 doses offers over 90% immunity

• Combined tetanus, diphtheria, and polio (known as Revaxis) – booster every 10 years

• Typhoid – every 3 years if travelling to endemic areas

• Yellow Fever – lifelong immunity

• As for anti-malarials, we stock doxycycline, Avloclor/Paludrine as well as Malarone for both adults and children.

We also dispense antibiotics, anti-emetics, anti-diarrhoeals, anti-inflammatories and insect bite treatments for travellers.