End of year message from Dr Sophia Khalique

Hello all,

I just wanted to write a final few lines for 2022 to thank you for all your support in this first year of the new practice in our rooms at 101 Harley Street. It has to date been the best professional year of my career. We have been fortunate enough to have the support of patients like yourselves, new and old. None of this could have been achieved without the super team and my super colleagues Dr Simmy Kaur and Dr Claire Bassilious.

Some of you might be aware that we will be joined by the experienced and excellent GP Dr Jack Edmonds from January. He will be part of the team and will bring with him his patients from the last 36 years of his career in Harley Street.

We have become corporate members of the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) and hope to be sponsoring some of their BAME and LGBTQ+ events in 2023.

We have also become a small hub of education holding seminars in topical subjects such as Mindfulness and Long Covid. These have been attended by other specialist doctors in the neighbourhood as well as patients. If you would be interested in attending future seminars either in person or remotely then do let me know and will put your name on the list.

The achievement however I am most proud of is to be invited on behalf of all trustees of The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF.earth) , to be the first ambassador for the TUFF ABC project. This is a project that has taken many years to develop and supports less privileged children and teenagers who are often at the brink of expulsion in state schools or in young offender units. It allows reintegration into society and is based on an education in human values. The TUFF ABC program will give the participants opportunities to gain a two year qualification. This enables them to become TUFF Boxing Coaches and Assistants who can themselves deliver future TUFF Boxing projects through London and beyond.

I recently watched a TED talk suggesting the way to achieve a happy, healthy life is through three things: fun and playfulness, connectivity with your friends and family, and flow which I take as mindful loss in whatever you enjoy. I’ll buy that for 2023!

Wishing you all happiness, healthiness and fun. Seasons Greetings!



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End of year message from Dr Sophia Khalique 2