HAPPY 2024!

We’ve rebranded and I hope you like it. For me it represents the simplicity of our ethos which is to offer the best bespoke care to you as individuals, families or employees and companies. And it’s a change I hope we all embrace!

In 2024 I will be doing more work around anti-ageing medicine and hope to provide you all individually tailored care. This involves keeping up to date on the latest developments to slow down ageing and extend a healthy lifespan.

Dr Mohammed Tamimi has trained as both a physician and GP and holds membership to both Royal Colleges. He has been working with me through 2023 has just been awarded, with a merit, his Masters in Nanomedicine at The University of Oxford. 

Nanomedicine looks at the microcellular environment and the unique functions that enanotechnology offers. It can therefore be used to manipulate the processes that are believed to cause ageing by allowing growth and repair of damaged ageing tissues. We will be working together on this to help us all towards our goal of eternal youth! 

Dr Bianca de Albuquerque Bandarra has also joined the team. After her significant work as an emergency surgeon in the favelas in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, she trained and worked extensively as a GP in Northern Ireland. She has a wealth of medical and surgical experience including being qualified as a ringside boxing doctor.

I am keen to continue to support our charitable causes and to be able to support some of the increasing numbers of people that find themselves homeless in London. We are aiming by the end of this year to set up a service to offer a serendipitous opportunity to access GP services.

I am lucky enough to have the continued support of a multi-disciplinary team including many therapists. Rameez Ali is a trained social worker and addictions specialist with strong ties to the local services for ongoing support. With the experience many of the team have in charitable work and the experience Drs Tamimi and Bianca have had in this field already, I hope we will make a success of it for as many people as we can. Anyone who wants to be involved whether it be by physical presence or financial support, I would be very interested to hear from you. 

And I personally welcome the patients of Dr Jack Edmonds to the practice. I hope as a team we will be able to at least match, if not exceed, the excellent level of care he has provided you for many years.

I cannot thank you all enough for your support in the last two years at 101 Harley Street and any suggestions on how we could do things better are always gratefully received.

With all our best for 2024!