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Welcome To Our New Physiotherapist – Kalpesh Parekh BSc (Hons) HCPC CSP

At the Dr Sophia Khalique Medical Practice Marylebone, we are always striving to provide the complete range of healthcare services for our patients either inhouse or through association with our network of world class experts. We are now pleased to announce that we have added physiotherapy to the range of complimentary health services available at the practice. Kalpesh Parekh B.Sc (Hons) HCPC CSP trained as a physiotherapist at Brunel University having previously completed a degree in Sport Rehabilitation at …


Keeping Your Weight Stable

Our body functions tend to stay pretty consistent due to the homeostatic process which involves negative feedback loops. For example, if your body temperature is too high, a negative feedback loop will act to bring it back towards normal. So, hunger is another example of a negative feedback loop. When we are hungry our stomachs secrete something called ghrelins (a ‘greedy’ hormone). This gives us appetite. When we become satiated, the hypothalamus part of our brains triggers leptin production …


In a Post-Pandemic World, Anxiety is Rife

So, it is no wonder really to discover the number one presenting issue named by clients in the therapy room is a sense of “not-knowing” all fuelled by a physical feeling of uncertainty and risk. When I ask a client: “Where is the feeling of anxiety?” I am often met by a blank look or sheer incredulity. “What do you mean? Where is what feeling?” So, I have to explain that anxiety is a set of physical feelings that …


An Introduction To Mindfulness

A New Year a time to Invest in a New You: Introduction to Mindfulness I don’t know how you feel but I am so done with new year’s resolutions to go on crazy diets, detox cleanses, total abstinence from alcohol and exercising in an unmanageable way. How long do these changes last? Surely to improve physical and mental health, one must alter one’s mindset on a sustainable basis. Read this: Modern day life for many has become task based …


Some Nutritional Advice For The Christmas Season

A Party Season to Remember After a non-existent Christmas party season in 2020, many people are looking forward to making up for lost time this year. However, if you get the timings and intake of alcohol and food wrong, it could become one you want to forget, or cannot remember at all. You may have heard those wise words to ‘line your stomach’ before drinking alcohol and this is good advice that will help you enjoy the party without …